managed as close to nature as possible

rotated through regeneratively managed pasture in herds and flocks, fed gmo-free grains, and never treated with antibiotics* or hormones

*the dairy goats are treated if absolutely necessary - feel free to ask us why! #organicdairyisnotsustainable

pasture-raised berkshire pigs
lamancha dairy goat

Our Animal Husbandry Style

  • Farrow-to-Finish Pasture & Woodland Raised Berkshire Pork

    Our pigs are born here on the farm and live here with their brothers and sisters for their whole lives, foraging through the pastures and forests.  We move them every 1-2 weeks to new forage and supplement their forage with non-GMO grains from Virginia growers.

    We do not administer antibiotics or any external hormones or growth agents.  Forage-raised Berkshire pork is absolutely amazing - the marbling within the meat makes the flavor and texture truly unique! 

  • Pastured Chicken & Turkey

    Meat Chickens:  Our meat birds are delivered as day-old chicks and grown entirely on the farm.  They are out on pasture by 3 weeks of age, and are moved to new grass daily for fresh, natural forage.


    Turkeys:  Our heritage broad-breasted bronze turkeys arrive as day-old poults, and are placed onto pasture by 5-6 weeks of age. They are free to roam and roost in a larged fenced area that is moved every 3-7 days according to need.   

  • Goat Dairy & Raw Milk Herdshares

    Our goats spend at least 9 months each year foraging on our abundance of natural browse.

    We follow compassionate dairying practices, keeping family units together and sharing milk with the babies until natural weaning age.

    We feed non-GMO, soy-free grains from Virginia growers, locally sourced hay, and plant calcium-rich diverse forage for the does each year.

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