SGCH Nodaway Rev Skylar 2*M

Redwood Hills Rev. At Last x Nodaway Gyro Spirit



Show Placings
6X Best In Show with Nodaway Alpines
Appraisal Scores
2015 - 05-02 91 VEEE
2014 - 04-02 90 VEVE

Skylar really needs no introduction by me, as her record stands for itself.  She came to me from a dear friend with Angelica, her milking daughter.  As a 11 year old doe, she is not on the milk line, and primarily enjoys her life as queen of the barn and as a brood doe.  When newly freshened, her udder continues to be glove soft and milks down to nothing.  Her topline, legs and feet remain strong, and she easily walks 1/2 mile each day back and forth to new pasture.  Metabolically, she has had no issues during her time with me. A real jewel.

Photos courtesy of Nodaway French Alpines                          

La Paysanne Angelica Skylar

Nodaway Nuance Normandie x SGCH Nodaway Rev Skylar 2*M



Angelica is a heavy producer with gorgeous conformation.  She has a strong front end and wither, and a large rump that is level from hips to pins and thurl to thurl.  Her udder is incredibly capacious, and she has a fabulous will to milk.  In late August, she sliced open her udder.  7 stitches later and she never skipped a beat and is still milking well into fall.  We look forward to getting her appraised and in the show ring next year.
Angelica as a 4 year old, 6 hr fill

Bees Knees Jarrah 2*M

La Paysanne Pierrot x Nodaway Silas Brie


Jarrah side.jpg
Jarrah rear.jpg
Show Placings
1st 4 YO Alpine Milker, Grand Champion, BoB SOB Doe-Nut Show, 2021 Ring 1 (2nd place in rings 2 and 3)
1st 4 YO Alpine Milker, Res Grand Champion, State Fair of VA 2021
 2 YO Alpine Milker, Open show, State Fair of VA 2019
Appraisal Scores
2019 - 02-06 87 VVVV

Jarrah is one of my absolute favorite does - gorgeous while also doing her job.  She is a great forager, excellent mother, and high-producing doe.  We love her level topline and capacious, well-attached udder with plumb well-defined teats.  We truly wish she had been appraised this year and last, but are excited about next year.  

La Paysanne NNN Saphir

Nodaway Nuance Normandie x SGCH Nodaway Rev Skylar



Saphir was a late 2021 addition - when we heard that some friends were selling their Alpines, we jumped on having another Skylar daughter in the herd!  Saphir has the wide, flat rump, level topline and body capacity of her mother.  She is still making a good amount of milk once a day, and will be bred to a French buck for 2022.  We are so excited to get her on milk test, appraised and in the show ring in 2022!

La Paysanne NNN Sancerre Rouge

Nodaway Nuance Normandie x Lamppost Cottage N Scarlett



Rouge came with Saphir from a friend's dairy herd.  She is quite well-bred also, and is an interesting dilute chamoisee color.  Like her half sisters Angelica and Saphir here on the farm, Rouge also has tremendous body capacity, a level topline and large rump.  We have already bred her to Hawkeye and look forward to seeing her freshen in 2022!

Bees Knees Hollyhock

La Paysanne Pierrot x CH (pending) Bees Knees Lehua



Holly side 2021.jpg
Show Placings
1st place 2 YO milker all three rings; SOB Doe-Nut Show 2021
Reserve Grand Champion Alpine, 4H State Fair Show 2020
Holly is a beautiful 2 yo, second freshening doe.  She was a quite delicate milking yearling, but has really matured and filled out this year! Her udder is well-shaped, with long teats well placed and plumb.  She has excellent medial support, udder shape, height and attachment.  She excels in dairy character, with a graceful neck and long, level topline.

The Turkey Foot BKF Zinnia

Chateau Briant's Hawkeye x Bees Knees Aster



Show Placings
1st Alpine 1 YO Milker Ring 1, 2nd Alpine 1 YO Milker, Ring 2 - Pride of the Piedmont Show 2021
1st Alpine 1 YO Milker, Virginia State Fair, 2021
Zinnia is owned by our Jr 4H friend and neighbor Mills under the Turkey Foot Farm herdname, but the farm leases her and works with Mills to make breeding decisions.  As a milking yearling, Zinnia is really quite gorgeous with a near-perfect udder that is smoothly blended in the fore and a rear udder height and shape that is quite impressive!  She is busy growing and feeding her twin doelings this year, and we look forward to getting her appraised next year.                                 
Zinnia 2021
Recorded Grade Does

Va*Providence-Hill Talullah 1*M

Aspen-Hill's Albin x Va*Providence-Hill Lily



Show Placings
1st 5 YO Milker all 3 rings, Reserve GrCh in 2 rings, SOB Doe-Nut Show 2021
1st 5 YO Milker Ring 1, Pride of the Piedmont Show 2021
1st 5 YO Milker, Reserve GrCh, VA State Fair 2021
Res Ch Rec Grade Sr Doe, Open show,
State Fair of VA 2019
3rd 2 YO Milker, Open show, State Fair of VA 2017
Appraisal Scores
2017 02-04 87 VV+E 
2018 03-05 88 VVVE 
2019 04-05 89 VEVE 
Talullah is our 'Mighty Mouse' - born prematurely, she is on the smaller side, but continues to improve as she ages.  As both a 5 and 6 year old, she delivered triplets and just does her job with no drama.  She has a gorgeous udder and produces like the big girls.

CH (pending) Bees Knees Lehua

La Paysanne Surhomme (AA) x Bees Knees Kiave

Experimental 75% Alpine Doe

(daughters registerable as American Alpine)



Appraisal Scores
2019 - 01-06 87 +VVE

Show Placings
1st 3 YO RG Milker in 2 rings, GrCh & BoB in 1 ring, SOB Doe-Nut Show 201
GrCh and BoB Sr Recorded Grade Doe in both rings, Pride of the Piedmont Show 2021
1st 3 YO RG Milker, VA State Fair 2021
2021 was her first season in the show ring, and Lehua truly knocked us out! Sr. Recorded Grade Champion doe in 4 of 6 rings she was entered in (Reserve in the other two), Lehua easily earned her permanent champion designation.  She has a gorgeous, well-attached udder with plumb teats.  Her foreudder is smoothly blended, and the udder has almost perfect balance fore and rear, with an excellent medial and rear udder height.  She has a quiet, easy disposition with no drama or health issues, and milks out easily .  She has passed the flashy color on to approximately 1/2 of her offspring.

Bees Knees Black Eyed Pea (Fergie)

50% Alpine

Chateau Briant's Hawkeye x VA*Providence-Hill Lily

50% Alpine



Show Placings
GrCh Rec. Grade 1 YO Milker, 1st in all 3 rings, SOB Doe-Nut Show 2021
1st Rec. Grade 1 YO Milker, Pride of the Piedmont Show 2021
1st Rec. Grade 1 YO Milker, VA State Fair 2021
Fergie was Hawkeye's first daughter to freshen, and we just love the udder that he passes on to his daughters.  Teat placement moved in and is plumb with a smooth foreudder, a significant improvement over her dam.  She is tall and well-proportioned, with solid milk production and an easygoing nature.  We look forward to seeing her mature.

Bees Knees Asphodel

50% Alpine

Chateau Briant's Hawkeye x VA*Providence-Hill Talullah



Asphodel is a long, leggy yearling who, like Fergie, has a perfect, globular udder with moderately long, plumb teats that are easy to milk out.  She had a little trouble managing growth and milk production mid-summer this year, so we dried her up early, and she is catching back up and bred for late February.  We love her daughter Pomegranate this year, and are excited to see her mature further in the spring.