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Bees Knees Jarrah


Appraisal Scores
2019 - 02-06 87 VVVV
Jarrah has truly impressed this year!  Delivering a single stillborn buckling, nonetheless, she has consistently produced tremendously on a once-a-day milking schedule.  We are very happy with her udder this year - it is capacious, well-attached, with plumb well-defined teats.  We truly wish she had been appraised this year, but are excited about next year.
Show Placings
4th 2 YO Alpine Milker, Open show, State Fair of VA 2019
2nd 2 YO Alpine Milker, Youth show, State Fair of VA 2019

Bees Knees Aster


Appraisal Scores
2019 - 02-03 87 VV+V
Show Placings
2nd 2 YO Alpine Milker, Open show, State Fair of VA 2019
Gr Champion Alpine Doe, Youth show, State Fair of VA 2019
Aster had a difficult year this year - she delivered triplets with ease, but about a week later began showing some gastric distress which she is still struggling with.  The vet is not sure if she had some hardware dislodge or a hiatal hernia, but she seems to be on the mend.  We are keeping her dry for 2021 to allow her to regain condition.
Clover was dry (sort of) for 2020 - we attempted to breed her but she did not take and her 2019 daughter nursed well into summer 2020.   She has a well-attached, shapely udder that milks down to nothing.  We look forward to seeing a freshened udder in 2021.
In her first freshening as a yearling milker, Holly has truly impressed!  Her udder is well-shaped, with long teats well placed and plumb.  She has excellent medial support, udder shape, height and attachment.  She excels in dairy character, with a graceful neck and long, level topline.  She did not make a tremendous amount of milk this year, but fed her twins well and we look forward to seeing her potential develop.
Show Placings
Reserve Grand Champion Alpine, 4H State Fair Show 2020
We almost sold Rosemary last year as a first freshener.  She has a beautiful udder - well-attached, excellent medial, height, rear and a decent foreudder, but her teats are small and point slightly out.  Fortunately, I saw in the fall that she was still pumping out the milk so I kept her and milked her through the winter and 2020.  She has held capacity milking once a day for over 20 months now.  Her udder texture is soft and she milks down to nothing.  She has tremendous dairy strength and parasite resistance.                                 

Bees Knees Acacia


Acacia was sold as a yearling, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to buy her back in the fall of 2020.  She is a lovely tall, angular doe with dairy character and a beautifully shaped and well-connected udder.  We look forward to having a full season with her in 2021.
Recorded Grade Does

Va*Providence-Hill Tallulah 1*M


Appraisal Scores
2017 02-04 87 VV+E 
2018 03-05 88 VVVE       
2019 04-05 89 VEVE                         
Show Placings
Grand Champion Rec Grade, 4H State Fair of VA 2020
Res Champion Rec Grade Sr Doe, Open show, State Fair of VA 2019
Res Champion Rec Grade Sr Doe, Youth show, State Fair of VA 2019
3rd 2 YO Milker, Open show, State Fair of VA 2017
Gr Champion Rec Grade Doe, Youth show, State Fair of VA 2017
Talullah is our steady Eddie - we know we can rely on solid production and a workmanlike attitude every year.  As a 5 year old, she delivered triplets and performed well in the parlor.  She is not a large doe, but she has a gorgeous udder and produces like the big girls.

Bees Knees Lehua

Recorded Grade Doe (daughters registerable as American Alpine)



Appraisal Scores
2019 - 01-06 87 +VVE
Lehua has a gorgeous, well-attached udder with plumb teats.  Her foreudder is the nicest in the herd, and the udder has almost perfect balance fore and rear, with an excellent medial and rear udder height.  She has a quiet, easy disposition and milks out easily.

Bees Knees Palmetto

Recorded Grade Doe 



Palmetto is a 2 year old doe who is small but mighty.  She is not my prettiest or most correct doe, but she is our most productive doe who just won't quit milking.  

Bees Knees Farm & Creamery


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