50 lb bag of 15% protein dairy cattle and goat ration.  3% fat, 8% fiber.  Non-soy and non-GMO.  Balanced calcium and phosphorus levels for lactating dairy animals.  Includes minerals and probiotic cultures for balanced high feed conversion.


First ingredients:  Peas, Oats, Linseed meal, Alfalfa pellets

Non-soy dairy cattle & goat feed tax exempt

  • All feed must be pre-ordered.  We order from Sunrise once per month only what is preordered, and do not keep feeds in stock.  The online checkout process will allow you to either pay now or pay upon pickup. 


    Any new customers ordering more than 10 bags will be contacted for confirmation prior to our placing the order.

Bees Knees Farm & Creamery

West Point, Virginia



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