We are now offering a limited number of half hog bulk purchases of our forest-raised registered Berkshire pigs, for those interested in filling their freezer.  The pigs are fed non-GMO grains, moved weekly onto new pasture, and no antibiotics are administered during their lifetime. 

These pigs will arrive on the farm in mid-March, and will be processed and the meat ready to pick up late September. 

A half of a hog will range between 80 and 110 pounds of take-home weight.  $150 is a deposit - the remainder of $5.00/lb of the take-home weight will be invoiced 1 week before pickup.  For example, 100 lbs take-home weight = $500. $500 minus the $150 deposit = $350 due at pickup.
Half hogs must be picked up on-farm, by appointment or Saturdays during open farm hours (2-5 pm)
The typical breakdown of cuts for half of a hog is as follows:
Chops/Loin - 18 lbs (choose chop thickness, full loin, or loin roasts)
Roasts - 14 lbs (boston butt, picnic and ham roasts)
Ribs - 3 lbs
Ground - 23 lbs (your choice of loose, link or grillers in several sausage flavors)
Bacon - 5 lbs (your choice of uncured, nitrate-cured smoked, or nitrate-free smoked)
Organs/Fat - 14 lbs

Half of a Hog - bulk purchase


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