Pasture-Raised Chickens & Turkey

The new laying hen trailer seems to bed

Management Practices

Eggs: Our laying hens are delivered as day-old poults and grown on the farm.  They are out on pasture by 4 weeks of age, and range onto pasture from their mobile coop daily. They are fenced for their protection, but are moved weekly to new pasture.


Meat Chickens:  Our meat birds are delivered as day-old chicks and grown entirely on the farm.  They are out on pasture by 3 weeks of age, living in chicken 'tractors' which provides them with unlimited food, water, and they are moved to new grass daily for fresh, natural forage.


Turkeys:  Our broad-breasted turkeys arrive as day-old poults, and are placed onto pasture by 6 weeks of age (they are pretty delicate, so need a few more weeks in the brooder than the chickens).  They are free to roam and roost in a larged fenced area that is moved every 3-7 days according to need.   

We do not administer antibiotics or any external hormones or growth agents.  We supplement the chicken and turkeys with non-GMO grains from Virginia growers.

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