Why do we use non-GMO feeds?

It's not really about the genetic engineering. And it's not even totally about Roundup being the devil.

Sure, the verdicts are mounting against Monsanto, and the EU has labeled glyphosate (Roundup) a probable carcinogen. But the fact is, a lot of herbicides and pesticides are toxic and/or carcinogenic.

And sure, genetic manipulation is certainly a concern. There are a LOT of studies showing secondary effects of gene editing that have unintended consequences, and there are at least a few studies specifically describing secondary, unintended impacts on humans from GMO rice and corn.

As a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry (no kidding), with over 22 years of laboratory experience in cloning and sequencing DNA, and giving cancer to lots of poor mice, I know more than the average bear about this subject.

What I also know, with all of that experience and knowledge, is that there is a LOT that we don't know. While the data on the impact on humans by GMO crops and Roundup have been wishy-washy, there are not enough long-term studies for me to be convinced of their safety. I'd rather not risk my family's health or yours - neither with the genetically modified crops that our animals eat, nor with the Roundup and BT chemicals used on those modified crops.

If you want to ignore the potential health consequences and go to the ecological implications, Roundup and BT application DIRECTLY correlate with reduced species and microbial diversity in the field - plants in the case of Roundup and insect populations in the case of BT. Additionally, Roundup treatment has been demonstrated to reduce weight and delay maturation in honeybee larvae. If you want to save the bees, and all of the other biodiversity essential for any ecosystem to thrive, choose non-GMO and pesticide free products.

Our TINY little farm goes through at least 20 tons (that's right) of feed each year. By choosing non-GMO grains, we are preserving literally ACRES of fields in Virginia from conversion to GMO crops. That's worth my money, and hopefully it's worth a little of yours.

Sarah & Dennis

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