The Cultured Cheese Share

Baked Pear with Caramel
Handmade Cheese
Image by Alice Donovan Rouse


The Cultured Cheese Share CSA is back for 2021, in a new format!   As a member of the Cultured Cheese Share CSA, you can choose to receive 2 or 3 products each month from April to December.  We are trying out new flavors and some hard cheeses as well - and want our most enthusiastic cheese lovers to help us direct the path of our next expansion!

Many of these cheeses and caramels will be exclusive and/or first come-first served to the CSA - we will not be offering most of the specialty flavors and hard cheeses for retail sale or to wholesale vendors. 


You can choose the Standard or Extra CSA options - with Standard, you will choose 2 items each month.  With Extra, you choose 3 items.   You will make your choices through survey links sent via email.  If you want to double or triple up on any cheese or caramel, you are welcome to do so.



Your CSA products will be available for pickup on-farm, or delivered via our normal delivery routes and drop schedule.  Chevre will be delivered frozen, so that you can thaw and use on your own time.  Hard cheeses will be refrigerated.

Fee for 9 months of exclusive cheese!

Standard (2 per month): $180

Extra (3 per month): $250

Free Delivery to drop sites

or On-Farm Pickup


Cultured Cheese Share CSA Monthly Options - pick 2 or 3