The Cultured CSA


The Cultured CSA is back for 2019!   Review the contract here and reserve your spot here!


The Cultured CSA is a 14-week herdshare CSA specifically focused on goat milk products.  In a herdshare, you purchase an interest in the herd, similar to purchasing stock in a company. You then pay Bees Knees Farm a monthly boarding fee for care and feeding of the herd, and processing of the milk.  In return, you receive two choices of 8 oz of chevre (plain or flavored) every other week. 

For information on our care and feeding practices, and milk sanitation process and testing, please review the information on our raw goat milk herdshare program page.  


The refundable buy-in fee for this CSA is $20, and the board and processing fee is $110, due at the beginning of the CSA.  At the end of the 14 weeks, your $20 herdshare buy-in will be refunded to you.  Current raw milk herdshare members do not have to purchase a buy-in share.

Your CSA products will be delivered via our normal delivery routes and drop schedule.  Chevre will be delivered frozen, so that you can thaw and use on your own time.

You will choose two products from the three products on offer for each week.  You will make your choices through survey links sent via email.

Week of:

Bees Knees Farm & Creamery

West Point, Virginia


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