Bees Knees Farm, LLC

Diversified Farming with an eye towards healing the land naturally

Naturally Grown in King William County, Virginia

News and Current Offerings

We are a small family farm in King William Virginia.  Our journey began as an effort to develop pasture naturally, and has evolved into a passion for rejuvenating the land while providing for ourselves and others.

Products available or planned for 2017 include goat milk herd shares, free-range eggs, pastured poultry (chicken & turkey), rabbit, honey, and pastured/forest-raised pork.

Our animals live as close to their wild state as can be managed, which means free access to shelter (but no stall-bound animals), unlimited forage, and a minimum of grain and chemical interventions.   

The chickens, goats, pigs, rabbits, turkeys and horses are intensively rotationally grazed on fresh pasture and woodland to maximize benefits to both animal and land.   

Currently Available:

  • free-range eggs
  • pastured chicken 
  • pastured pork 
  • rabbit (available May) 
  • limited raw goat milk herdshares

We now have weekly drop points in Richmond, Powhatan, Central Garage, New Kent, and Williamsburg.  Email us for more information on any drop/meet points, or to schedule a farm visit.